Cronomagic provides top-tier co location services — access to world class facility, backed by superb support and industry-leading Service Level Agreements — while minimizing downsides like travel costs and capital expenses. We provide a support team (including a Network Architect and Deployment Engineer) to handle the entire hardware life cycle management, as well as tools to remotely manage your environment. By leaving both routine hardware management and emergencies to Cronomagic, you eliminate travel expenses and free your own IT staff to focus on more constructive activities.

Cronomagic Managed Colocation is a level above traditional colocation,

We offer:

  • The physical space
  • Power to the cabinet/cages (conditioned power, battery backup, and backup power generators) and network connection backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Controlled environment (redundant cooling, fire suppression)
  • Security (physical security, video surveillance 24/7)
  • Hardware for infrastructure
  • Dedicated Support Team for maintenance and day-to-day operations
  • Industry-leading SLAs
  • Complete infrastructure and supply chain management
  • Implementation and deployment capabilities
  • Full customer remote management - customers don't need physical proximity to the data center but can still access even international data centers

Optional services include management options for Managed Backup and Managed Storage

Our responsibility includes:

  • Management of the operating systems and applications
  • Administration of the net devices (firewalls and/or load balancers)
  • Monitoring of the applications, operating systems, and devices
  • Your Deployment Team is there for initial deployments as well as configuration changes and space planning. The Deployment Team works closely with the data centers to ensure that your configuration is racked and cabled to your specifications.
  • The Network Engineering team configures your network devices, offers consultation for network changes, and assists with troubleshooting tasks. They act as an extension of your in-house networking team.
  • Our Support Specialists are available to assist with support issues and escalation. They are available 24x7x365 to address technical issues.