IPV4 Lease

At Cronomagic, you can conveniently lease IP addresses without the need for an expensive network setup. This is a comprehensive solution especially beneficial in light of the current IPv4 exhaustion crisis. Whether you need just one IP or multiple IPs, Cronomagic allows you to lease them on your existing internet connection, whether it's DSL, Cable, or Fiber.
IPV4 Lease

The IPs offered by Cronomagic are thoroughly scanned, cleaned, and are rarely or never used in the past. This ensures you receive high-quality, secure IP addresses for your needs. Furthermore, if you have your own equipment, you can get up and running with your new IP in just a few minutes.

The price for leasing an IP starts from as low as US$ 0.65 per IP per month, making it an affordable solution for individuals and businesses alike. Notably, all leases include the necessary hardware, adding even more value to the service.

Thus, Cronomagic provides a cost-effective, easy-to-implement solution for those needing to lease IP addresses without the necessity of an expensive network setup.

IP's Price/month One-time Setup Cost
512-767 $0.65/IP $69.99
256-511 $0.70/IP $69.99
128-255 $0.80/IP $69.99
64-127 $1.00/IP $79.99
32-63 $1.5/IP $89.99
16-31 $2.5/IP $99.99
8-15 $4.5/IP $99.99
2-7 $8.5/IP $119.99
1 $9.9/IP $129.99

All prices mentioned are in USD

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