Whether you sell business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) or both, our custom software lets you run your entire ecommerce business more efficiently your Web store, inventory management, order fulfillment, and accounting systems, as well as your customer relationship management software. Cronomagic Ecommerce also enables you to deliver an intuitive, never seen before and highly user friendly experience to your customers, and better manage and grow your business within a single system.

You need the E-Commerce solution if you want:

One applicatiotttn to run your ecommerce business.

Our software makes it simpler to manage your online business better.

B2B and B2C integration

As more and more companies sell to both businesses and consumers, they seek a unified platform for both b2b and b2c ecommerce. cronomagic e-commerce solution provides a single platform for b2b and b2c ecommerce with built-in handling for all key processes from ebay and paypal integration, amazon.com-like up-sell and cross-sell personalization and sophisticated b2c promotional tools to secure registration, negotiated contract price enforcement and extended enterprise partner management for b2b business. ecommerce operations seamlessly interact with back-office inventory, warehousing and shipping in addition to front-office customer interactions, enabling you to have the complete visibility needed to compete and grow your top line revenue while managing your costs with an eye to profitability.

Dramatically reduce the hassles of running your business

With this, you'll never have to enter the same information twice. you can say goodbye to the hassles of juggling multiple systems, with no more re-keying information, manually importing and exporting data between separate applications, and toggling between systems trying to figure out what's going on..

Improve accuracy and efficiency

Because it automates more of your business and manages everything in real-time, it eliminates the errors that are unavoidable when juggling multiple separate systems. now you, your customers and your vendor partners always know exactly what's going on with every order. automated processes and better accuracy means faster orders, more satisfied customers and lower operational costs.

Save more money and use fewer it resources

Our customers report major cost savings and efficiencies in managing their operations. the software is simple to implement and maintain, and more affordable to manage than the combination of business applications you presently have assembled to manage your business.

Make better, faster business decisions

Armed with a 360-degree view of your customers and a complete, real-time view of your entire operations, you can make better, faster decisions. and you spend more time improving and growing your business instead of managing your systems.

Benefit from the world's most configurable and customizable ASP

Our philosophy is to allow our customers to configure their systems to meet the company profile without the need for costly it and developer overhead. if you have further extended needs or requirements.

Complete web store features

We offer on demand a full-featured web store that provides customers with a simple, accurate online shopping experience. it ensures high levels of service with lower costs for your online retail business from the first purchase through to return purchases.

Shopping and merchandising tools

Its web capabilities include secure shopping cart functionality, integrated real-time credit card processing with multi-level fraud protection, coupons, cross-selling and more. promotional urls allow you to customize the urls of your web pages to make them easy for customers to remember. the site can also be tailored to focus on b2b or b2c commerce. furthermore, you can offer customers the option of paying via credit card, or being invoiced, with all credit terms managed within the system. this gives you all the functionality to give your online retail business a high-end web presence and it's easier to maintain.

Drop-shipment / Special Orders

It supports drop-shipment and special orders for fulfillment directly from suppliers. This enables alternate fulfillment, for out-of-stock products, the ability to manage sales without holding inventory, and the ability for customers to purchase special orders.

Integrated, Real-time Inventory Management

If you sell products, customers shopping on your site are able to view real-time inventory, and see if items are out of stock or if they can be back-ordered. Inventory management is easy as any changes made in the back-office will automatically reflect on your site. You can manage and track inventory across multiple warehouse locations. Different price levels and volume discounts can be offered to different customers.

Multiple Web Store Management

It allows you to create as many separate web stores as you want - and manage all the stores in one single, integrated account, maintaining one consistent set of operations and greatly improving efficiency. Each store can have its own product set, domain name, branding, look and feel, shopping rules, store-specific shopping carts and "my account" areas for customers. Within the different stores, you can sell the same or totally different products, provide country-specific language and currency for each web store, and track and report on sales activities on each web store individually. All the while, you maintain one integrated back office system to efficiently manage cross-store operations and consolidate all your ecommerce business activities.

Returns / Refunds - Without the Headaches

It facilitates returns with online return management authorizations, on-site receiving, put-back accounting, and the ability to credit the account or replace with alternate products.

Seamless Order Management and Fulfillment

Store orders are automatically entered into the accounting system, routed to the appropriate personal, and inventory is reduced eliminating manual steps and cumbersome exports to other systems. This automates all aspects of the pick, pack and ship process and provides order visibility throughout the entire order cycle. It even automates drop shipping, eliminating the need for managing inventory yourself and the complications of communicating orders to your fulfillment partners. And you easily monitor and manage the status of all orders from your Dashboard.

Integrated FedEx® Shipping/UPS Online® Tools

On Demand we can help you with seamless integration with FedEx® Shipping and UPS Online® Tools providing real-time shipping rates, automated barcode generation and in-system shipment tracking for domestic and international shipping.

Customer Self-Service

It enables companies to empower preferred partners with a password protected, customer-specific, portal-based self-service center where they can place new and repeat orders, view order status, order history, track shipments, submit trouble/support tickets, review support history, search transactions, pay invoice, and read the knowledge base for online help, product and service documentation and more.

Web Site Building and Hosting

You can build your Web site from the ground up with simple-to-use tools that create high-impact sites. You can even turn your existing, static Web site into a high-performance, database-driven ecommerce site.

Attractive and Customizable Store Fronts

You can set your website apart with out-of-the-box templates that allow you to choose from a variety of layout styles and designs. For those with more sophisticated needs, you can upload your own HTML files to create a unique website look, and you can customize site elements such as headers, footers, tab bars, sidebars and content wrappers. Forms are easily set up to capture leads or gather inquiries. Best of all, no HTML expertise is required to set-up or manage your website.

Hosting & Publishing Capabilities

We can host your website for you, or you can host it with another provider. By using smart tags, you can convert static sites into dynamic pages, pulling any key business data from the database. Publish unique content to your site, including documents, catalog items, or employee directories. A comprehensive permission system allows you to publish to an individual customer or group of customers, department, or group. If you have an existing website, you can overlay ecommerce functionality over your existing third party hosted website.

Personalized Websites for Each Customer

It supports personalized content and pricing for each customer. Different items, pricing and content can be displayed to different customers based on their Price Level, customer grouping, or purchase history.

Site Search

Site Search is the new Navigation. Recent studies show that about 80 percent of all online users head straight for the search button when browsing a site, with the remaining 20 percent of users navigating sites by following different links to the content of their choice. Given that most users want fast, easy access to searchable information, it's imperative that ecommerce companies deliver enhanced search capabilities. After all, savvy users who can't find the content they need quickly defect to other Web sites.

Built-in Site Analytics & Reporting

It gives you built-in site analytics and reporting features that enable one-to-one and aggregate analysis of visitors' browsing and shopping habits.

Shopping Activity Reports

Increase your website sales by following up with abandoned carts, improving customer conversion ratios, and understanding the purchase ratio of specific items. Review your cart abandonment rate for any time frame. Monitor your conversion rates and see how many of your visitors registered on your site and how many of them completed a purchase. View shopping activity analysis reports that show you on an item-by-item basis the ratio of cart additions to orders.

Customer-specific Site Activity

You can drill-down to an individual customer record and review all of that customer's activities on your site. You can see their shopping cart contents, their pages viewed, their referring URL and keyword, their click-stream paths, the dates of their first and last visits, and much more. This allows you to create marketing campaigns that target shoppers based on their specific browsing patterns, to close sales more efficiently, and to provide very personalized service to your customers. For instance, you can send out a marketing campaign to all visitors who viewed a specific page on your site, and also include a coupon that is only sent to visitors who added that item to their shopping cart. You can also call your customers directly and close sales by knowing exactly what products they are interested in

Operations & Financial Reports

It lets you monitor the pulse of your operations with real-time Key Performance Indicators on your role-based Dashboards. For more detailed financial reports from sales to margins, to inventory turnover through accounts receivable and onward, our reporting is incredibly flexible, giving you easier access to the information you need and delivering it in the format you prefer.

High Touch, Low Cost Customer Self-Service

Software delivers 24/7 global customer self-service that drives service levels up and operating costs down.


Give your customers a higher level of self-service. Every website created comes with a password-protected customer center that allows each of your customers to login and review all their orders and issues. Customers can log in and view every order they have ever placed along with its shipping status. Customers can also request returns, repeat past orders, view quotes, and make payments. This means higher satisfaction for your customers and lower support costs for you.

Online Support

Using integrated customer support functionality, customers can submit support issues to you, and from within the customer center view every support response you have ever provided them.

Best-of-Class Accounting/Financials

Accounting and financial tools serve as the solid foundation for your growing business. A host of cost-management tools will also help to guide your profitable growth.

Integrated Accounting

The backbone of any business is financial management. software was built from the ground up with accounting at the core of the company.

Complex Pricing, Flexible Payment

Volume, term, and contract/customer-specific pricing, as well as minimum order amounts, support the complex pricing needs of business-to-business relationships. Software supports both credit card payments and invoicing based on customer terms and credit limits. It also supports payment via Money order, Paypal, Cash and debit cards.

Paperless Purchasing

It manages the entire procurement process from paperless requisition and workflow-driven approval, to automated purchase order creation, through receipt, matching, and payment.

Simple and Reliable

Ecommerce accounting was designed with ease of use in mind and accuracy, control and reporting at the core of company operations.

Accountability with Visibility

Ecommerce accounting maintains a complete audit trail of all reports and transactions giving you security and control of your system and letting you maintain control and accountability of those in your business.

Superior Ecommerce Marketing Tools

It provides ecommerce companies with the online marketing tools they need to broaden their reach and grow their business including paid and natural search, high volume e-mail campaigns, all of which have real-time performance and ROI analytics.

Search Engine Optimization

Our cutomized ecommerce solutions include cutting edge tools which create search engine friendly pages and allow you to easily optimize certain portions of your site.

Paid Search Engine Marketing

With Cronomagic ecommerce solution, you can report on all paid search keyword buys down to the keyword and search engine, in real-time. Most importantly, It provides closed-loop analysis of leads driven by paid search campaigns from the time a user click on your ad to the actual purchase.

Affiliate Management

Manage your affiliate relationships more efficiently with this system. Track leads back to the affiliate that sent them to you, then view all of their sales activity and associate it to the affiliate.


Unlike traditional CRM packages, this allows you to view the full purchase history for all customers, helping to improve cross-selling. It also offers customer segmentation capabilities to let you target groups with such criteria as state, zip code, company size or specific industry.

Online Lead Forms

Its lead management capabilities, combined with a full view of your customer data, allow you to analyze all your marketing efforts, obtain accurate lead conversion rates and better assess ROI. Lead tracking capabilities allow you to follow the progress of a sale at each step of the way from lead to opportunity to final sale.

E-mail Marketing

Cronomagic CRM solution offers a process which truly maximizes all your e-mail marketing efforts. It provides target segment creation, creative development and campaign execution, and mass e-mailing capability with virtually unlimited volumes per campaign.

Campaign Tracking and Analysis

You can create highly targeted campaigns based on your customers' purchase histories and support cases. In this way, you can not only meet customer needs, but also anticipate them. Plus, It helps you optimize your marketing campaigns on the fly by providing real-time ROI and performance reports on your personalized Dashboard.

Targeted Customer Segmentation

It updates information on customer segments and profiles based on the constant input of new data. Plus, it mines that data continuously for better business intelligence.

Referral, Lead Source, & Promotional Code Tracking

It also lets you design promotional discounts and track them via promotional codes. With this software, you can track leads and referrals by medium (purchase lists, print media, or TV), by types of leads (company size, industry, etc.), or by the promotional offer.

Web Analytics

Using Croonmagic ecommerce companies no longer need to outsource data collection and analysis of their Web site to a third party vendor. It automatically tracks data generated through its own key reports in-system, such as conversion statistics, visitor activity, and number of page hits. It also generates the reports, and manages and stores the information for you.